We are Precision Medicine Lab: an expert in nuclear receptor (NR) drug discovery.

Our state of the art laboratories are located at the Pivot Park in Oss, the Netherlands.

Our team is exploring with its academic and industrial partners how ligands act on NRs, involving both genomic and non-genomic mechanisms which is crucial for comprehending physiological functions regulated by NR and developing new therapeutic strategies.


Integrated Drug Discovery Framework

We target nuclear receptors to improve extrinsic & intrinsic metabolic regulation

Disease Areas:

  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Nuclear receptors:

Selected nuclear receptors involved in processing nutrients to energy for cells.

We study nuclear receptor molecular signalling:

  • Cellular metabolic processes
  • Bile acid homeostasis
  • Thyroid hormone regulation
  • Lipid and glucose metabolism
  • Cholesterol homeostasis
  • Stress response and immune regulation

Drug discovery and patenting from:

  • Natural products
  • Drug repurposing
  • Drug repositioning
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Biomarkers

Our Drug Discovery Pipeline

PML Program (Drug ID) Disease area Target Discovery Partner Status*
Repurposing (PML864) Inflammatory GR German
Repositioning (PML483) Dual Belgium
Repositioning (PML597) Dual
Natural product Inflammatory Multi German
Repurposing Diverse Multi
Novel target class Diverse

*Status: Target ID, Discovery, Lead-opt, Pre-clinical, Partnering, Patenting

Precision Medicine Lab combines

Basic nuclear receptor research

With our unique lab-on-a-chip and NAPing platform we study interactions between NRs, ligands and other interaction partners across a panel of cofactor proteins using purified and cellular lysates containing NRs.

Aspects of personalized medicine in discovery research

Model systems can be very informative, however we belief that the most relevant biomarkers for personalized medicine will be discovered through inclusion of clinical samples in the discovery process.

Metabolic disease research

Nuclear receptors are key actors in the cellular reaction to intrinsic and extrinsic stress. With our NAPing assay platform we perform research into small molecular influencing of metabolic disease mechanisms.

Novel nuclear receptor drug discovery

Our NAPing-based drug discovery platform is used on plant-based extracts and natural sources-based drug libraries to identify and develop new chemical entities acting on NRs.

Drug repurposing and repositioning

We have developed a drug screening platform to reposition drugs. Repurposing refers to the process of identifying new uses for existing medicines and in the repositioning process new uses are identified for compounds that failed in the discovery of development process.

Scientific testimonials

“…The mechanistic insights we revealed by large scale coregulator recruitment assays, transcriptomic and protein analysis demonstrate a 50–100 times lower potency of E4 versus E2 to activate the recruitment of coregulators to ERα, to induce similar transcriptional activity and to sustain progesterone receptor (PR) expression in breast cancer…”

— Dr. Christel Pégueux et al.

University of Liège
Liège, BE

“…Coregulator peptide binding and structural studies highlight marked differences fromcurrent standard-of-care, single-mechanism antiestrogens. Thus,these dual-mechanism ER inhibitors (DMERIs) represent a classof antiestrogens that generate full antagonism of proliferation inwild-type (WT) ER-positive breast cancer cells and in a number ofallele-specific resistance models…”

— Dr. Kendall Nettles et al.

The Scripps Research Institute
Jupiter, US

“…Those coregulators that are differentially recruited after CORT108297 or CORT118335 binding to the GR may explain the functional differences between the compounds [59]. Comparisons between SGRMs in terms of coregulator interactions with GR and the resulting functional effects may allow the linking of particular signaling pathways with more integrative consequences, especially in the brain, where several cognitive and behavioral functions are regulated by GCs…”

— Dr. Onno Meijer et al.

Leiden University Medical Center
Leiden NL

Our vision

Precision Medicine Lab is a drug discovery company that employs its innovative NAPing technology platform to merge precision medicine and drug discovery in the field of metabolic diseases. We focus on nuclear receptor therapies with impact on metabolic processes in pre-selected patient groups.

We provide the basis for personalized, safe, and effective nuclear receptor medicines, advancing precision medicine through partnerships, collaborations, and research to improve health in selected patient groups.

contact: [email protected]